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Discussions On A Flat Earth

Tuesday, 13-03-2018


BELIEVE it or not, there is a growing discussion about the "true shape of the Earth". You would think that everyone accepts the earth as a shiny blue marble hurtling through space. Apparently this not the case. There is a growing group of people who insist the Earth is flat.

The hypothesis is that our flat Earth is covered by a dome, with the North Pole at its center. Surrounding the Pole are the continents. Beyond that we have Antarctica, running around the circumference acting like a barrier to keep the water of our oceans in. The Sun and Moon are also inside this dome, circling around the Pole at a height of a mere 4,800 kilometers.

Since there's a dome it follows that space does not exist. This means that everything we know that's related to space is fake. Satellites, space walks, the International Space Station, moon landings, mars rovers, etc. Everything is a lie to keep us from knowing the truth. Our space agencies and governments are involved in a global conspiracy to keep us dumb.

To be clear: I think the Flat Earth Theory is nonsense. The biggest flaw in the Flat Earth Theory is the lack of a coherent model. It's at best a collection of, some alternative or contradictory, "scientific" claims. However, these claims can also be explained, or explained away, using the conventional spherical Earth model and/or some physics. On top of that, the simple fact that the whole flat Earth Theory hinges on a collection of elaborate conspiracies makes the whole thing utterly incredible. And that is the second flaw of this Theory: credibility.

Some people think flat Earthers should not be debated as it gives them an unwarranted level of legitimacy. Also, debating people who think the whole world is lying to them is pretty futile. However, I find the whole thing fascinating. For this reason I decided to compile a list of flat Earth claims together with their counter arguments.



1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

1.2. The Round World Model

1.3. The Flat Earth World Model


2. Flat Earth proofs and counter arguments

2.1. Samuel Birley Rowbotham, "Zetetic Astronomy EARTH NOT A GLOBE" (1881)

2.2. William Carpenter, "One Hundred Proofs The Earth Is Not a Globe" (1885)

2.3. Eric Dubay, "200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball" (2015)


3. Other flat Earth proofs



4. Conspiracies

4.1. Outer space does not exist. NASA is lying!

4.2. The United Nations is guarding Antartica

4.3. [xxx] is a paid government shill


5. Other

5.1. The Earth curves at 8 Inches per Mile, Squared.